String, Paperclips & Echos of Benjamin

Live At Barry's Blues Barn

Pre-Order (For Release 10/04/2020)

A night destined to be something more than first expected, this first live album ever released by Benjamin & Barry's Blues Barn, marks a monumental moment for both artist & venue. Benjamin Bassford 'Live at Barry's Blues Barn' offers a glimpse of the magic taking place under the roof of one of the UK's fastest growing & unique underground music venues.
Recorded by Emilio M. Rizzi of EMR Music Production, this live album recording is captured in a beautifully crystal clear quality. Despite, the honest, raw and unedited nature of this recorded performance, the sound quality delivered is that of a studio album.

Special Edition 12" Vinyl

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Benjamin Bassford Vinyl
Limited to a Number of 290, this Special Edition Vinyl comprises of a selection of songs from the Self-Titled Album 'Benjamin Bassford'. Pressed on 180 gram Transparent Blue Vinyl this release is encased in a Printed Inner Sleeve & Outer Wallet. The Special Edition Vinyl is also accompanied by A Printed Note/Lyric Sheet & A Digital Download Sticker (Full Album Download).
Side A : Second Hand Bridges - Baby Broke My Fever -
Self-Medication Blues
Side B : V.S.C - Veins - Red Mist - Waltz Away 

Benjamin Bassford (Self-Titled)

The Album 'Benjamin Bassford', is more than just a Self-Titled release, it is an intimate soundscape that encapsulates all that you would expect from an honest acoustic solo album by Benjamin Bassford. Beautifully harmonious & all at once undeniably raw this Album was recorded in the curated wilderness of his family home.
'Hauntingly rootsy, in a Robert Johnson or acoustic Clapton/JJ Cale sort of way.' - The Blue Cafe
Presented as a Vinyl Styled Compact Disk, in a Record Styled Paper Wallet encased in a Printed Outer Slipcase.
Benjamin Bassford Album CD
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Songs From The Blue Door

Song From The Blue Door Cover Artwork
This 7 track E.P comes as a Vinyl Styled Compact Disk, in a Record Styled Paper Wallet encased in a Printed Outer Slipcase. Carved from the already lived experiences of this artist, the E.P unconsciously looks in retrospect, recounting both defining & poignant moments.
'Good British acoustic blues is a rare commodity but Benjamin has certainly put himself up there with the best, these tracks are spellbinding...' - Adrian Blacklee of Blues Matters


Limited Edition - T-Shirts

These Limited Edition T-Shirts are now unavailable. The initial order period has ended & the T -Shirts will receive a restricted run of prints to be available only at live shows. (While Stocks Last)
  The 'Live At Barry's Blues Barn' & '90 Proof' T-Shirts were Designed by David Storer.
The Devil Dance T-Shirt was Designed by Martin F. Bedford.
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Road Sickness

This 5 track E.P comes as a Compact Disk encased in a Cardboard Single Fold Wallet.  Released in 2014, Road Sickness was the Debut E.P from Benjamin Bassford.
Released with only a Limited number of 300 Printed Copies. Road Sickness is only available at shows or via the official online store. 
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E.P Artwork